As we move through 2021, it’s time for Northeast Ohio to focus on a renewed spirit of community unity.  That’s the focus behind a display of 365 U.S. flags at Cleveland Metroparks’ Edgewater Park on the morning of International Women’s Day, March 8th  through March 13thth. The display is being sponsored by the Northeast Ohio Foundation for Patriotism (NEOPAT) under the theme of:


We’re the home of the free.

Because of the brave.

“This display is not about Red or Blue, it’s about Red, White and Blue and the opportunity to show and remind Northeast Ohio that as a community united we can overcome any obstacle,” said Mike Swallow, founder and Board Chair of NEOPAT. “Clearly we still have challenges to overcome,” said Swallow. “The strength of the diverse population that is Northeast Ohio, led by its military and veteran families, provides us the opportunity to show the rest of the nation that we can move from set-backs to solutions in a collaborative manner. This display serves as a reminder of our community strength and resolve.”


March is Women’s History Month; a time to celebrate the contribution of women to our great nation as well as in the armed forces. Several military women in service and veterans, along with many civilians assisted with raising the flags to promote unity and show camaraderie in the vital roles they each play in our community as soldiers, mothers, sisters and spouses.


Gold Star Mother, Deborah White, mother of Ashley White was among the women to help raise the flags. Ashley was killed on October 22, 2011, during combat operations in Kandahar Province and will be honored with the Charles Kirby Wilcox award by NEOPAT this Spring.

  • Published: March 10, 2021

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