Perry Demming Archery Event

Perry Demming Archery Event

Ashland (April 28, 2023)

On April 28th, 2023, the Northeast Ohio Foundation for Patriotism (NEOPAT) extended its unwavering support to the Perry Demming Foundation’s thrilling indoor archery event at Fin Feather Fur in Ashland. The collaboration between NEOPAT and the Perry Demming Foundation created an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie as veterans and archery enthusiasts gathered to celebrate their shared passion.

NEOPAT’s invaluable support played a vital role in ensuring the event’s success. Their unwavering commitment to veterans and their families was evident in their generous assistance, which allowed the Perry Demming Foundation to provide top-notch equipment and expert coaching. Veterans were profoundly grateful, recognizing that organizations like NEOPAT genuinely cared about their well-being and were fully dedicated to their success.

Throughout the event, participants honed their skills under the guidance of experienced archers, pushing their limits and striving for personal excellence. Laughter and cheers echoed through the range as veterans shared stories, connected with fellow veterans, and built lasting friendships. The atmosphere was one of encouragement and support, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among all attendees.

As the event ended, the room brimmed with joy and a touch of nostalgia. Participants expressed their gratitude to NEOPAT, the Perry Demming Foundation, and Fin Feather Fur for creating an unforgettable experience. The event not only deepened their passion for archery but also served as a reminder of their significance and fostered a sense of belonging. NEOPAT’s support of the Perry Demming Foundation’s indoor archery event at Fin Feather Fur on April 28th, 2023, left a lasting impact on the participants. It served as a reminder that their service and sacrifice were valued and appreciated by the community. Through initiatives like these, NEOPAT continues to uplift and empower veterans, fostering a spirit of patriotism and unity that will endure long after the final arrow has been shot.