NEOPAT’s Annual Gala Fundraiser Celebrates Success in Supporting Military Families and Veterans

NEOPAT’s Annual Gala Fundraiser Celebrates Success in Supporting Military Families and Veterans

Independence (March, 2024)

NEOPAT recently hosted its highly anticipated annual gala fundraiser on March 2, 2024, at the Embassy Suites in Independence, Ohio. This year’s event was nothing short of spectacular, bringing together over 300 individuals dedicated to honoring and supporting our nation’s heroes.

The highlight of the evening was the recognition of U.S. Army Sergeant Cory M. Endlich as the Charles Kirby Wilcox honoree. Sergeant Endlich’s service and sacrifice were celebrated, reminding us all of the profound debt of gratitude owed to those who serve in our armed forces. Additionally, the esteemed Willis Gordon, Armed Services & Veterans Affairs Chair of Ohio Conference, NAACP, delivered a compelling address, shedding light on important issues facing our veterans and military families today.

NEOPAT was honored to present the United Way of Greater Cleveland as our Community Partner of the Year. U.S. Army Sergeant, Alex Cohen, accepted the award on their behalf. Alex’s work as the United Way 211 Help2Veterans Community-Based Navigator has been instrumental in providing critical support and resources to veterans in need throughout Northeast Ohio.  LaRaun T. Clayton spoke on the importance and the success of NEOPAT’s support of the Judge Sara Harper Village and Volunteers Of America of Ohio.

The success of the gala extended far beyond the accolades and speeches. Through the generous support of attendees and sponsors, NEOPAT was able to raise an impressive $104,000 to further its mission of assisting local veterans and military families. This significant contribution will enable NEOPAT to continue providing critical support services, including financial assistance, housing, and educational resources, to those who have selflessly served our country.

The gala itself was a testament to NEOPAT’s commitment to its mission. With a lively atmosphere filled with camaraderie and gratitude, guests had the opportunity to participate in various fundraising activities. Each contribution made throughout the evening confirmed the community’s collective appreciation for our military personnel and their families.

As NEOPAT looks to the future, the success of this year’s gala serves as both inspiration and motivation to continue its work in supporting military families and veterans.

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