Cleveland Browns work with NEOPAT to invite local veterans to training camp

Cleveland Browns work with NEOPAT to invite local veterans to training camp

BEREA, Ohio (August 3, 2022)

The Cleveland Browns extended their appreciation for the men and women who serve or have served our country and communities by working with NEOPAT to invite local veterans to training camp on August 3rd.  Overall, there were close to 50 attendees for NEOPAT, along with a USO Veteran group, for a large showing from our military community.

“Huge thanks again for thinking of our Veteran team at Swagelok! What an awesome experience – I spoke with a few of our guys, and they had a great time! I know my family loved it as well – the boys loved getting up close with the players at the end!”

Joel, Air Force – Swagelok

“Just came back from the Cleveland Browns Training camp. I had a lot of fun! I ran into one of my old recruiters from the army and we talked for a while and I got his card. I talked with a navy vet (who complimented our Park Place VET shirt) and gave him Greg’s information to connect him with NEOPAT. Ran into a friend from middle school and her family, a friend from the VA, took plenty of pictures, and ran the 40 yard dash twice in just under 5 sec (unofficial). If I were a good 10-15 years younger, I would probably sneak in, practice, try out, and make the team. Lol! I wish I had someone video it. Kevin Stefanski saw me from across the field through the stands and booths. I think he nodded before turning back to Kareem Hunt and said ‘Run it like that vet with the dark green shirt over there.’”

Earl, Ohio National Guard – Park Place Technologies

“I’m so thankful to have been a part of handful of military events/halftime shows both college and Pro during and after my military career. I can honestly say of all the events, I have never felt more honored and blessed than I was yesterday. I know many felt the same way, so a HUGE thank you to NEOPAT and the NFL/Browns organization for instilling that feeling within myself. Please don’t think twice about doing this again in the future, as your actions truly make a difference in the lives of a Soldier/Veteran.”

Brad, Army National Guard – Swagelok

Cleveland Browns & NEOPAT