Financial Assistance Terms & Criteria Policy

Financial Assistance Terms & Criteria Policy

Financial Assistance Terms & Criteria Policy​

Financial Assistance applicants must meet one of the definitions of Veteran provided under the Ohio Revised Code 5901. As a need-based program, we will review your application to verify your situation.

Due to the influx of requests, we are limiting the amount we can support to $250.

Eligibility Categories (Including Survivors & Dependents)
  • Active Duty Discharged/Released under honorable conditions
  • Currently serving on Active or Reserve duty
  • Have a recognized VA service-connected disability
  • Reserve and National Guard member called to active duty by Presidential Order Required

Documentation (Failure to provide requested documents will delay or prevent us from processing your request.)

  • All DD 214 forms or letters of Honorable Service (First Time Applicants), Medical discharge, or Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificate. If separated, must furnish the veterans address/phone number for verification.
  • Income statements, pay-stubs, or statement from employer on the amount of income for most recent 30 days.
  • Copy of lease/Intent to Rent and/or statement from landlord explaining past due rent, late fee, and eviction amount owed by months, include address and telephone number of landlord/property manager.
  • Mortgage statement, payment booklet including the mortgage company’s address and telephone number for where payment is mailed.
  • Copy of most recent utility bill(s) showing name, account number, and balance
  • Rejection/denial letters from other agencies where you applied for assistance.

Vehicle Repair/Vehicle Payment.

  • At least ONE estimate from reputable auto repair establishment (not older than 30 days)
  • Copy of the current registration
  • Proof of auto Insurance in compliance with Ohio law
  • Proof of Valid Ohio Driver’s License


Veterans Service Commission Denial Letter Required.

We ask that all veterans seek financial assistance through their local County Veteran Service Commission first. If after you have sought their resources and were declined, you may reach out to us. Veterans are asked to upload a copy of your Veteran Service Commission denial letter as an attachment to this request. Active duty and Reservists do not need the denial letter.


All grants are paid directly to the creditor and not to the applicant.

The applicant must provide the most current bills due. We will render payment for eligible current bills only. Also attach a copy of your “BILL or INVOICE” that you are requesting NEOPAT to fund. NEOPAT will only fund directly to the 3rd party bill or invoice. We do not provide cash funding directly to the service member or veteran. Without an attached document, your request will be declined. It is important that the invoice or bill match the PAYEE info included on your application. The bill should show the Service Member or Veteran’s name. DO NOT submit requests until you are prepared to upload the appropriate documentation. Requests lacking the documentation will be declined and will require re-submission.

Each case will be carefully reviewed for its own merits.

Upon approval, payments will be made for you directly to the creditor. All applications are individually reviewed and NEOPAT reserves the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. NOTE THAT AWARD CHECKS ARE DISBURSED ONLY ONCE A WEEK.  DO NOT WAIT UNITL THE DAY BEFORE A UTILITY SERVICE DISCONNECTION, A VENDOR SERVICE STOPPAGE, AN EVICTION NOTICE, OR A REPOSSESION TO APPLY.  APPLY AS SOON AS THE ISSUE ARISES.